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Guest Post with Amy Mia Goldsmith – Makeup Tips for the Perfect Everyday Work Routine


Dear working girls, ever felt so tired in the morning that you just wished there were some quick tricks to look great without any effort?

Not matter if you’re still going on job interviews or you are already an established business lady, following these makeup tips can help you look your best at your workplace. So, here are some easy makeup tips for a professional look every day:

Less is more:

This is the golden makeup rule you should stick to when doing your make up for work. Having glamorous smokey eyes, overdoing your eyeliner or wearing a crimson lipstick is something you should definitely avoid in the office and rather focus on highlighting your natural face attributes with effective mascara and neutral lip gloss. Too much blush or shiny eye shadows create an aggressive, rather than professional appearance, which is a look that is not desired at a workplace.


Strive for a fresh appearance:

You don’t have to apply a lot of makeup products on your face in order to look fresh and rejuvenated. If you make gentle a contrast between your skin tone and eyes and lips you can create a radiant and energized appearance which is a very popular and desirable makeup choice for a professional environment

Stick to what you like:

You should always apply makeup that you feel comfortable with. If the eyeliner is your trademark, you shouldn’t restrain from wearing it at work too, as long as you’re staying away from very bold lines. To make your eyes look subtler, opt for an eye pencil instead of a liquid eyeliner. Also, if you use an eyebrow filler, pay attention that its colour is not much different from your natural skin and eyebrow tone

Rely on neutral tones:

Smokey eyes are something we all adore, and if you really want to wear it to work you could stay loyal to your smoky technique by opting for neutral and sophisticated pastel eye shadows. Jane Iredale makeup is an excellent choice for work, since it is based on gentle colours suitable for a professional look, such as grey, warm brown or light ocher (Aussie readers, you can get Jane Iredale makeup from Alive Skin+Hair). You can create an elegant office look by combining soft brown and peachy eye shadows along with accentuating the appearance with a quality mascara and translucent lip gloss. If you’re fond of brighter hues, you can choose calmer and natural notes such as milky purple, light pink, taupe or cream beige, because they’re great for both formal and informal outfits


Use quality and durable makeup:

Bear in mind that your makeup has to last during the whole working day, and you usually won’t be able to freshen up your makeup very often at your workplace. Therefore, it’s smart to use durable cosmetics, long-lasting foundations, waterproof mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. Also, pay attention that it is skin-friendly, because there’s nothing worse than having itchy or inflamed skin at your work place. This is especially important for all of you who commute to work every day.

Although the phrase professional woman is determined by how hard one works at work, looks play a great role in highlighting a woman’s confidence, so being a professional requires a professional look too, which is really not hard to obtain!

I hope these tips helped you do your every day work routine much quicker and easier. Do you have a special makeup routine that you use before work?

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne who loves to write short stories and reviews. Amy is a regular contributor at High Style Life. Her passion is beauty and makeup and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – make up shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

Guest Post with Cristina Nika – Is Over-Countouring Damaging your Skin?


Since the Kardashian clan patented the now much adored air-brushed look (the one that women started gushing over all around the world), putting on makeup entered a totally new dimension. Kim Kardashian’s signature look is often copied, yet somehow never successfully repeated.

This sort of makeup involves a lot of high-quality products, a lot of time, a professional hand, and a lot of input. Without a doubt, not only is it expensive on so many levels but damaging for the skin too. There are those who would give anything for just a day with such a face on.

If you aren’t surrounded with professionals making sure your skin, hair, body, health and overall image is flawless, investing in loads of makeup for a bit contouring is absolutely pointless. I’ve browsed and found a few makeup artists who believe contouring is futile:

Contour me young

No matter how old you are, contouring will age you extensively. Contouring means applying too much makeup on your skin, starting with foundation (one, two, three), moving on to several types of concealer, highlighters, toning, etc.


Add various shades of eyeshadows, brow makeup, lip makeup, mascara… and before you know it, you are ready to entertain a Broadway show while your skin is crying for help underneath all those layers of makeup paint. The more product you use, the faster will your skin wrinkle, the pores will close and your face will suffer major breakouts, redness and irritation.


Transformative makeup

Contouring is a form of transformative makeup. Its point is to either emphasize the most beautiful parts of your face or completely change you features. And, you’ve got to have the respect for any makeup artist who knows how to do that. However, unless you are in constant public eye (even then), there is no need for so much makeup on your gorgeous face.

What you need is a good foundation crème to nurture the skin, a bit of Aspect Pigment Punch to deal with all those spots, scars and age give-aways, liquid powder (or whichever one agrees with your skin) to give face an even glow, some blush for freshness and mascara for a clear look. Voila! You look wonderful!

Who has the time?

An average makeup session done by a professional takes for about an hour. With all the “Kardashian contorting” process – close to two hours. Are you actually telling me you’d trade your snooze button and a morning coffee for two hours of putting on makeup that will, in the long run, ruin your skin? Of course not! There is a time and place for everything, and countering should stay with those on stage. Your daily makeup routine should be quick, healthy and reflect your lifestyle. Whoever told you a lot of makeup will make you feel more beautiful – lied. A touch in the right places is enough.

Cristina Nika Kask is a fashion enthusiast and an avid blogger from Sydney, Australia – go check her out at High Style Life and follow her on Twitter