The Tangle Teezer


A tool I have come to cherish; a tool I cannot live without. As someone with very curly, very frizzy, very hard to manage hair I often don’t buy and/or use brushes. Brushing my hair has always been a much dreaded event that I try to put off as long as possible, maybe managing once a month….maybe even longer. The struggle to get the brush through my hair, the pain, the tears. It was an emotionally scaring experience each and over time. Not to mention the Hermione-esque fuzz ball I’d turn into.

Of course I tried brushing only while my hair was wet. This made a big difference frizz wise, but was still always a painful, tear-inducing event. That is, until I found the Tangle TeezerNow I’ve had this little guy in my hands for well over a year, but I’ve never thought to share it with you before now. I’ve heard of many people using this and I always thought that I was quite late to the game. But I’ve been suggesting it to many friends and co-workers lately and since they’d never heard of it I thought it was nigh time to share this wealth of knowledge. This is the greatest hair brush you will ever own. Girls…if you’re as terrified to brush your hair as I’ve always been, this is the brush for you. Not only does it fit nicely into your had, but it combs through those curls and those knots like butter! No ouchies.

I have yet to try brushing through dry hair with this; my past still haunts me. But this brush is made for both wet and dry hair brushing. Be sure to pick up the Original Tangle Teezer, as the knock-offs aren’t as effective. I found mine at Target in the states, but they can also be found at Ulta, Sephora, and even Mashalls. I love the Tangle Teezer! What’s your favourite hair brush?