My 48hr Christmas


This Christmas I touched down in Toronto for a very short 48hrs; getting home from my work assignment on Christmas Eve at 3pm and leaving again to return on Boxing Day at 2pm. I’ve decided to be honest with my recent moods – they’ve sucked. Staying positive while alone in hotel rooms during the holiday season is not an easy task and I have had a constant internal struggle and have reprimanded yours truly for feeling sorry for myself. And as much as it truly sucked to get back on that plane so soon after landing, my 48hr Christmas was more than enough to shake me from my reverie and bring the joy of the holidays into my life. Because my 48hr Christmas was the best Christmas that I have ever had.

Maybe it was the short time period that made me appreciate my Christmas even more, or maybe it’s the fact that my mood was so low leading up to my return home, but this Christmas I was overwhelmed with joy and deep love for my family for a full 48hrs. I revelled in the happiness of simply being together – something that doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Little gifties were spot on this year, and I continue to realize how spoilt I am. With sister cuddles, long walks at the dog park, fabulous movies, new martini recipes and a turkey accompanied with sourdough stuffing and cranberries, my season was bright and I couldn’t be more thankful for the most perfect 48hr Christmas I could have asked for. I truly am a lucky lady.

I’m back in a hotel room trying to stretch out that positive holiday feeling until my return home January 3rd. Working night shifts over New Years Eve…..stay positive…stay positive!! Stay tuned for some Christmas Gift posts and my tips and tricks for dealing with Nightshifts at work. Thanks for reading friends! Have a very happy holiday season!


The Last Minute Gift Ideas – Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. The scary, red white and pink, expensive, consumerist holiday (another one that was probably invented by Hallmark). Yet as much as boys and single girls complain…to others it’s considered an important day with high expectations. So what to do?! With only around 12 hours left to pick up a gift how do you make the day perfect when you haven’t done anything yet? Take a deep breath slackers, I can help. Don’t stress – simple is romantic too.

So where can you go that is easily accessible? Or what can you do that is non-material and won’t break the bank (although it should be assumed that each gift should be accompanied by flowers…pricey sometimes) Here are some ideas.

1. The Thoughtful One: What’s her favourite food? Her favourite movie? Have you seen it together yet? Seriously girls expectations aren’t that unrealistic (for the most part). Gifts don’t have to be material. Some thoughtful planning is just as meaningful and romantic. So become the chef for the night. Pour her a glass of wine and tell her to put her feet up – do it all. Cook the meal, clean up after, watch her favourite movie and just have a romantic night, the two of you.

2. Still Too Early? Only been dating for a few weeks? A few days? Yes a gift or at least some thought on Valentines Day is still expected. Chapters/Indigo is the best place to go for easy-peasy Valentines Day shopping (actually they’re great for all holidays). If you haven’t stepped foot in a bookstore for quite some time, you’ll be shocked to know that they don’t only sell books. Chapters has been great lately in creating holiday specific sections that are perfect place for gifts. Pink books of love poems by Pablo Neruda, pink home decor, pink scarves, pink everything. Simple, reasonable price, and just the right amount of romance without too much commitment. Perfect!!

3. Been there done that: Been together for quite a few Valentines Days? Spent a few nights googling “what to get for valentines day”? Those are horribly  cheesy suggestions (photo albums, engraved bracelets, etc). But what do you do if you’ve already done all the other great ideas? Truthfully at this point you probably need some romance – go all out. Do something you’ve never done before as a couple. Even if it is something a little cheesy like a night of mini putting etc. You need to break your routine, plan the unexpected. Do something that she’s gonna talk about the next day at work.

As upset as I get about sexist stereotypes, Valentines Day is the one that I can’t shake. I still believe that it is a girls holiday, so boys this one’s all on you. Do you have any plans?

What are you getting your girl for Valentines Day? What, as a lady, are you hoping to get for Valentines Day? Have my suggestions helped? Talk to me via Twitter

Keep it sexy my friends