My Top 3 Favourite Fashion Instagramers

Fashion may not be my forte when it comes to my personal attire, but over the past few years I’ve really loved browsing the online fashion world. Whether from blogs, tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram, the wide world or the internet has really allowed for some amazing fashion sharing and I love looking for inspiration for my 2015 resolution to love my fashion again! These are a few Instagram accounts that I love seeing updates from:


The first is Leanne Woodfull who is also the mastermind behind the blog Thunder & Threads. I’ve been following Leanne for about 6 years now and I’ve really enjoyed watching her style evolve and grow. Now a lot of it may be a bit too grunge for me, but I really love the combinations and the dark hues with subtle accessories! She certainly gives me a lot to think about with fashion.


The next is Monikh. I haven’t been following her account for that long, but I do know that she works for Topshop and has amazing, simple fashion sense. Very minimalist and black and white.


And the third would be Chloe Wilson who is also the author of the blog Oh Chlo. She has a great down-to-earth, cozy, realistic everyday fashion sense and I love the simple girly pops of colours that she adds to each and every outfit.

I always enjoy seeing new posts from these three ladies and love the great differences in each of their fashion posts. I’ve been pulling a little bit of inspiration from each of them and combining to create my own looks….slowly. I’m working on it. I’m always looking for more Instagram accounts to follow, especially with regards to fashion, so let me know if you have any suggestions. Who are your favourite fashion Instagramers?


Instagram and my Travels

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed a slight theme. One of my favourite things to do is upload a picture of my work location each time that I’m travelling. It’s a great way to remember all of the places that I’ve been, but also share these wonderful sights with everyone. I don’t always love travelling for my job, but I try to make the best of it. Although I go to some pretty neat places, I also find myself in some of the oddest and random places….the ones that I’ve never heard of before. Up until last week my travels only took me around Canada (mainly in Ontario), but I’m venturing down to the United States now, and getting busier, so I’lll be out on the road more. Here are some of my photos so far:

ojsJFLYLYCfSTQYxGeUNXmSUwV7KkKCHZLRB3FRoZgsParry Sound, Ontario – May


Downtown Calgary Alberta – during the July Floods


Canmore, Alberta –  July

IMG_0829 IMG_0827

High River, Alberta  – During the July Floods

IMG_0947Toronto, Ontario – August

IMG_1021Brampton, Ontario – October

IMG_1078Watertown, New York – November

There are a few places in which I didn’t take any interesting pictures. I’ve been to only a few more – Cambridge Ontario, Nepean Ontario. But from now on I’m going to be sure to upload a picture of each work location on Instagram. Interested? Follow me: CLNWFR