Blogmas Day 17: The Boy’s Gift Guide


This is the hard one. For all of those reading these gift guides and following along with my blog and musings, I assume that the makeup shopping actually comes quite easily to you. But the gifts for guys is where I struggle each and every year and for every gifting holiday. So here I go, I’ll try my best.

Video games are always an easy category to go for. Not all guys like video games, and video games are not guy specific, but I know Corey likes them so it’s my safe “go to” when it comes to Christmas and Birthdays. Videos games themselves are always on the pricey side in my opinion, but check out some online deals or sales. They may be last year’s games, but they’re still fun, right? I took advantage of some Black Friday deals this year to pick up a few. Theres such a great mix from the shooting games to sports. And things in between that even I like to play!

When it comes to video games the category can be expanded to accessories too. Take a look at some limited edition controllers or other attachments for the console. I even splurged on great noise cancelling  headphones that work for both consoles and computers. They’re the Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headphones and they’re available at Canada Computers of on Amazon. Amazing audio quality and voice options as well.

The classic watch is always a great gift. I got Corey a watch a few Christmases ago. A beautiful silver Fossil Chronograph Stainless Steel watch. He may not wear it every day, but it really means a lot when he puts it on for special occasions. I know that means he really love it, saving it for something special. You can also give another classic guy favourite in the gift of beer. Corey and I are really in to some of Toronto’s own craft beer and breweries such as Steamwhistle. Not only do they have some great gift packs to be found this time of year, but you can even bring you’re loved ones and friends by the brewery for a tour! It’s great fun in the heart of Toronto.

And finally, if you insist of delving into the realm of male beauty products, then my pick would be Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s has amazing products for both men and women. I’ve gifted a few products of theirs in the past and Corey, along with other relatives and friends, absolutely adore them! I’d go with the fan favourite of Facial Fuel which is a perfect moisturizer for the cold winter months. You can see Corey’s review of it here.

What do you have on your list for the men in your life this Christmas?


The Men’s Report with Corey

This is for all the ladies out there who think that their men will never succumb to the product desire. More often than not ladies want to buy their men some products, but think they’ll never use them. Now for a lot of men this may be true, but I have managed to hit a home run on my first try. My boyfriend Corey is the last person I’d ever believe to create a daily facial routine, but after I bought him the Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturizer he doesn’t go a day without it! Here’s what he had to say:

Yeah what she says is true. I usually couldn’t be bothered. But I do really like this stuff. I use it every morning after my shower and I just put a little bit all over my face. The stuff feels really nice and I’ve noticed that dry patches on my nose have gone away. So it’s doing it’s job quite well. It kinda smells good too, not too strong. I never thought I’d need moisturizer or anything, but now that I’ve started I think it’s great! I guess I’d give some other Kiehl’s stuff a go as well. A friend of mine seems to really like it too!”

So there you have it! Men can love their products too. Hopefully this is a little inspiration for those who believe otherwise. Do you, your man, or your friends have any good products for men?

My Kiehl’s Experience


For the first time in my life I stepped in a Kiehl’s store last week. I needed to find a moisturizer for Corey and I’ve heard amazing things about the Kiehl’s mens products so I thought I’d give it a try (I’m going to try to get him to write about it later). But it’s not the purchase of the moisturizer that made my first ever Kiehl’s experience amazing. I just so happened to walk in on the same day a Kiehl’s head office representative was there, and she was awesome!!

To start, it seemed like every single person working in that store truly cared about you and wanted to help you with each and every one of your skin-care needs. Amazing customer service. The woman asked me about my skin type and my skin-care history, which products I’m using, what I’ve used in the past, and what works for me. She used skin blotting test strips on my skin to see whether my skin was oily, normal, or dry and she wrote out an entire profile for me.  She showed me exactly which products to use for my skin and how to use them. Because I was already purchasing the moisturizer for Corey, she sent me away with a ton of samples. She wasn’t pushy and didn’t try to get me to buy any. She specifically said she wanted me to try them before purchasing.

The samples she sent me away with were:

– Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque: To replenish skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration and healthy looking skin

– Ultra Facial Cleanser: Gentle liquid formula that cleanses without over-drying or stripping skin

– Ultra Facial Toner: Gentle toner to prepare, hydrate and comfort skin

– Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner: For all skin types, particularly for dry or sensitive skin

– Ultra Facial Cream: 24 hour, everyday hydrating formula with extracts of glacial glycoproteins and desert plants

– Midnight Recover Concentrate: Lightweight, easily absorbed elixir effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight, resulting in smoother more radiant complexion by morning.

I can’t wait to dive in and give it all ago. I had a spout of hormonal breakouts this week so I’ve been waiting for my face to go back to normal so I can tell whether or not these products are good or not. Overall my Kiehl’s experience was so great that I’m really hoping I love these products! The Kiehl’s representative also told me that the new location opening soon at Square One is having an event June 20th with some great product give-aways!! So give it a try, even if its only to learn a bit more about your skin. I had such a great experience I had to share with you.

Has anyone tried any of these or other Kiehl’s products? Any suggestions? @clnwf