lip stain

Review – Sephora Lip Stain


I’ve fallen in love with the Sephora ‘Always Red’ Lip Stain! I’ve seen quite a few reviews on this product lately and just thought I’d speak up with my own opinion on this little beauty.

Unlike a lot of other lip stains I’ve used, this Sephora brand lip stain doesn’t dry out your lips! Thats a major seller for me. And I really hate the feeling on my lips of stains that are greasy or oil based. This lip stain is quite nourishing and glides on smoothly. And praise the lip gods, it dries quick!! No need to blot or wait hours (or what seems like hours) waiting for your lips to dry in order to talk, or drink, or eat. Once dried, the stain lasts all night!! No need for re-application!! I really love it!!

I only have one shade so far (Always Red), but I’m really hoping to get my hands on some more soon.