L’Oreal Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil


We all know my love of the Una Brennan Super Facialist. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it. The cleansing power of an oil was completely lost on me before hand. How does an oil clean? Wouldn’t it do just the opposite? But no matter how strong my love of this amazing face oil ran, I couldn’t get over my hatred for the packaging. I constantly had a sticky film of oil stuck to my bathroom counter and the bottle just got nasty and dirty with oil stuck all over.

I even tried to find my own bottle to put it in but nothing quite worked. Alas, I started searching for a new face oil that was packaged as I’d like. I searched high and low and finally landed upon the L’Oreal Sublime Radiance Sensational Cleansing Oil which comes with a small pump attached to the bottle. So much better!!!!! It’s a thinner oil and comes to a lather more quickly than other oils I’ve used before. It’s travel friendly, which is a plus. No oils spilling in my bag!!

I think I’m still partial to the Superfacialist. So maybe I’ll keep this bottle and transfer a new Superfacialist into it when I’m done. SIGH packaging can really make or break an amazing product and I’m sorry to say I think Una Brennan got it wrong here. I’m still a huge fan though.

Which are your favourite cleansing oils?



Empties No. 7


There is nothing more satisfying than squeezing the last drop out of a tube or bottle then stashing away the garbage to share with you months later. That’s what I live for! Yes, when you put that all together it sounds weird, but I truly think that using a product in it’s entirety is the best review you can give it; it was good enough to finish until the last drop. That’s why I love reading empties by other bloggers and why I love sharing some of my empties with you.


Blogmas Day 12: Top 5 Holiday Reds


Nothing embodies the “Merry and Bright”-ness of the Holiday Season like a good red lip. Christmas time is the time to do it! The time of year when you can get away with a red lip for almost any occasion, any day! So why not? Whip out that red and slap it on any day!

But not every red is a good holiday red. Some are too orangey (that’s for summertime folks) and some are too pink (maybe spring?). You need a good deep, pure red; a scarlet, if you will. I’ve got my fair share of those, but here are five that really stand out to me and are my favourite for the perfect holiday reds.

Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella – You know how much I love all Nars lip pencils! So this is no exception. I absolutely love the formula, the application, the colour payoff, the wear! So this colour is my favourite of them all I’d say. I’ve worn this one a few holidays in a row now and I get countless compliments! I think I’ve actually got about three of these pencils in this shade in various bags and purses.

Marc Jacobs Lipcreme in So Rouge – Everyone who ventured into the Sephora VIB Rouge world will know about this one! The mini Marc Jacobs lipstick that comes with spending over $1k in a year….wow, thanks. A great reward. Okay, but seriously it is a great red. Bold, and a little more on the candy apple side.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Blake’s Red – These were on the market a few years ago and I thought I’d missed my chance. But alas! They’re back! So I’ve picked up a few and I’m loving them. Specifically Blake and Julianne‘s red. Blake’s is classic for the holidays – a perfect deep scarlet red no matter if your blonde like Blake or brunette like me.

L’Oreal Endless Lipstick in Crimson Joy – I believe this one’s discontinued, but I’ve been loving this holiday inspired lipstick for years! You can see it in last year’s Christmas Face post that I did. It’s a perfect scarlet lip that isn’t too overstated. And it slides on so smoothly. It’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks I own.

Sephora Lip Stain in Always Red – This one’s a classic. Every Sephora lover or blog reader knows this one. You can read my full review of it here, but as a quick synopsis it’s the longest lasting lip stain in my arsenal and it’s the PERFECT red. I reach for this one more than any when I need a long lasting red. Apply is once and pucker up all day! Perfect for those mistletoe ridden occasions.

What is your favourite holiday red?