Mascara Revival

CaptureEver get towards the end of your mascara tube, knowing that there’s more in there but struggling with the clumpy remains? Fret not my dear friends, I have a trick for you. Don’t throw it out! We can save it using another simple product that most people have around the house! Eye drops!

Whether it’s the clumpy ends of the tube or you’re old mascara has gotten a little crusty, you  can simply use eye drops to revive your mascara. I understand the unsanitary consequences of holding on to your mascara for more than a few months, but I’ll admit I definitely drag out the life of the tube longer than I should. So when I’m reaching those clumpy, dry remains at the bottom of the tube I add just a drop or two of regular eye drops and give it a shake. It’s one of the only tricks out there that is safe to use on and near your eyes! And it’s such a great trick!

Save yourself some frustration and the extra cost of a new tube and revive your mascara.


Review: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara


With a new highly anticipated and talked about mascara recently launched from Benefit, I thought I’d give my They’re Real mascara a good go before deciding whether or not to venture into a new eye product from the same brand. My tube of this mascara is a pretty petite one, a recent claim of Sephora VIB points to add the tester to my tab. So I thought, since it’s little, it’d be a great travel companion; so I took it to Mexico.

Oh, and how I wish I’d packed my other mascaras as well. I don’t really enjoy using the word ‘hate’ when it comes to describing a beauty product, but this one certainly borders on my acceptance to the word.

My dislike of the product starts with the wand. The applicator wand looks to be a normal, good quality wand, but upon application I realized that each little bristle of the wand was like a sharp, pointy spike ready to do some serious damage. I realize that many people like strong wand bristles to really catch onto the lashes and apply a thick layer of mascara, but I prefer fuller, softer bristles to catch each lash. The formula of the mascara itself is also not my favourite. The mascara looks great once applied, yet I’m not always willing to deal with such difficult aftermath. The mascara really sticks and could not be removed using my everyday eye-makeup remover. The next morning I’d have massive raccoon eyes as the remainder of the mascara was dragged across my sleepy face.

Like I said, the mascara looked great once applied. I can see why They’re Real has become the favourite go-to mascara for so many people. But, personally, I’m not willing to have to work so hard upon application and removal for an every-day mascara. I do believe I’ll be sticking to my L’Oreal favourites, although I’m always willing to give the new Roller Lash a go.

Have you ever tried Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara? What were your thoughts?


The Mascara Eyeliner Trick


As a constant traveller it may seem like I’ve got it all together when it comes to packing. But I find the unpack, wash, re-pack routine and short stops at home have actually made it easier to forget something. It’s always the little things; the small items I take out to use quickly at home. It’s always my intention to put them right back in the bag….But it’s no longer a big disappointment when I open my makeup bag to find something missing. I’ve become quite the improvisor.

I recently had such an occasion where I opened my makeup bag to discover a severe lack of eyeliner. Some may think this is a great opportunity for some eyeliner-less days, but for me thats not an option. It’s a ‘must have’ on a daily basis. So I improvised. I took out my MAC angled eyebrow brush and my mascara. I used the excess of mascara that always builds on the tip of the wand, and with the angled brush I created myself eyeliner. Just along the waterline with a steady hand was enough for a mid-thickness line, since the brush was a little thicker than a normal eyeliner applicator. After a little bit of makeup remover on a tissue to fix up the smudges I had eyeliner! Simple, everyday, no-fuss, gel liner. Ssshhh….no one needs to know it’s actually mascara.

Try it out! It’s easy to forget something, so just improvise! There are some great tricks like these. Have you ever tried the mascara liner trick?