Review – L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

I’ve found another one folks, another amazing find!! I’m obsessed with the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara.The mascara is meant to make your eyes look like the cute Japanese Anime characters, wide eyed with thick dark lashes.  I’m not very educated on the Manga culture, but that wasn’t the seller for me on this one. It was actually suggested by a friend of mine.

The mascara has a really cool new 360 Flexor wand that is super flexible and bends in all directions. The brush itself is pretty normal to other L’Oreal brushes. The mascara looks amazing on both bottom and top lashes, although if you’re not into big bottom lashes than maybe this one’s not for you. The formula doesn’t flake, doesn’t clump, and doesn’t smudge on your upper or lower lids! Everything I’ve ever wanted in a mascara. It comes in Black, Black Brown, Waterproof Black, Blackest Black, and Waterproof Blackest Black. I love it! (definitely beats my other all-time L’Oreal Million Lashes fav)

What do you think about the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara? The packaging/marketing seems to spark some heated debated, any thoughts?

Review – Covergirl LashBlast Mascaras

Although it would be more helpful to review one mascara….to let you know which is best….I just can’t choose. Covergirl mascaras have been a part of my makeup collection for many many years. They joined the makeup bag back in the time of Lipsmackers and NYC Body Shimmer, and have been a constant resident of the collection since.
I have not tried every Covergirl mascara, although I’ve become very attached to the entire LashBlast collection. But which is the right one for you? Let’s see if I can break it down for you:
  • LashBlast Volume (orange)  – the best mascara for everyday wear. Full lash coverage, no clumps, and not too dramatic. The best way to finish off simple makeup for a day of errands or for a day at work. If you’re looking for a great day-to-day colour and coverage then this is the mascara for you! Also comes in waterproof (+ LashBlast 24 Hour – same, yet with 24 hour coverage)
  • LashBlast Fusion (purple) – a step above the LashBlast. This mascara is great for a little bit more drama. The plump brush gives some great volume to your lashes, making them stand out! If you’re looking for great day-to-night colour and coverage, that can be dressed up or dressed down, then this is the mascara for you.
  • LashBlast Length (yellow) – I’d have to say I’m not the biggest fan of this one, yet it does what it says. The thin long brush works well in lengthening lashes from corner to corner. Yet I find that because the brush is so thin I don’t get as much coverage as I’m looking for. If you are looking for length, and not dramatic pop and colour, then this is the mascara for you!
  • LashBlast Clump Crusher (green) – and here it is! My favourite. This mascara is all I’ve ever been looking for! Perfect colour and coverage and a great dramatic pop! Maybe a little much for everyday wear, but when I’m wearing thick dark liner this is the best mascara to accompany it! Perfect fanning eyelashes from corner to corner. And I love the curved brush! Really great for getting in the corners, no awkward angles and funny faces. If you’re looking for a dramatic pop, long lashes, great colour and coverage, and NO CLUMPS, then this is the mascara for you!
Sadly, LashBlast Luxe (pink) has yet to make it into my collection….so I can’t tell you about that one. But with my past experience with the LashBlast collection, I know that it’ll be a good one. There is no need to spend a ton of money on those designer mascaras! The LashBlast Collection from Covergirl is the best drug store mascara available. So get shopping! What is your favourite drug store mascara?