Aftersun/Sunburn Care


Ahh the sun! The warm and bright cuddly friend that we have missed for so long. Many of you may have travelled to warm exotic places in the long winter months, or maybe you are planning to soon. But either way the hot weather is starting to arrive here at home – so be prepared everyone. I recently took a trip to Florida and as stupid as I could be, I sat on a beach for three hours without any sun screen. I obviously don’t take my own advice, which can be found here for sun care and protection.

So once I returned home a red, hot, painful lobster, I had to deal with it. An insane amount of aloe was used. But no matter what I did my entire body peeled. Literally from head to toe. It was beyond gross. But it happens, and it could happen to you too. So how do you treat the itchy, uncomfortable pain. And how do you prevent scarring?!

1. DO NOT PEEL IT OFF – as tempting as it may be….and gross….do not peel at your peeling skin. Unless you want scars that is. That is the number one way of getting blotchy scars, and discolouration throughout your skin pigmentation. Plus…do you want to sweep up skin (it happens).

2. Colloidal Oatmeal Bath – this is the best way to sooth the itch. It’s also a great way to treat rashes, burns, minor irritations, dry skin, etc. You can buy colloidal oatmeal from brands such as Aveeno but you can also make a form of your own, which is what I did. Just take some large flake oats (not quick oats) and grind them to a powder. I did so in my Magic Bullet. Then toss is in the bath. Not too hot, not too cold. Luke warm. Sooooothing.

3. Moisturize!! – It’s super important to introduce all of that moisture back into your skin, and heal what has already been damaged. So a good moisturizer is necessary. As said before I love my Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter and I started by using this, but after a few days when the peeling got too bad, rubbing a thick body butter into my skin just made the peeling worse. So I transitioned to the Vaseline Spray and Go Aloe Moisturizer, which is great for moisturizing without having to rub it in!! Its a new find of mine and I love it. Sometimes I’m just to lazy to rub in the moisturizer. Perfect solution.

4. Don’t burn yourself in the first place. Check out my tips and tricks for summer sun protection and prevent the burn. And love the sun, its been missing for too long!

Handy Tips for Cold Weather


As a Canadian, you’d think I’d be equipped to deal with winter. Yet today’s -19°C (feeling like -37°C after the wind-chill) proves otherwise. The bitter, frigid cold is brutal – getting through every layer of clothing and chilling through to the bone. Yet as cold as it may get, nothing is worse than the chapped/cracked/dry/sore hands that come along with it. As I sip my tea and get cozy, finally inside, I’m getting together my “Hand-y” Survival Kit (see what I did there?)

So what do you do to prepare yourself for winter? Or how do you fix the damage that has already happened? Here are a few ‘Handy’ products (see…I did it again) to get you through the season.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment – a great hand and nail moisturizer for every day and all skin types. This is a great hand moisturizer during the winter season to start early and prevent the problems from starting when the weather gets cold. I used it a lot at the beginning of the season…but kinda forgot for awhile and now it’s beyond this…my hands need deep moisturization, repair and protection now, not found in this product.

The Body Shop’s Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter – This hand butter is similar to other body butters from The Body Shop. It intensely moisturizes your hands, so now we’re getting into some more heavy duty moisturization. Still great for every day of the winter season. Haven’t been able to use it a lot yet as it’s still a new product.

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector – I’ve loved The Body Shop’s Hemp line for years, even though it’s advertised as men’s products. The tube says that it’s heavy duty moisturization and is meant the protect and repair extremely dry hands. I love the product, although I find I have to reapply often in order to get true protection and repair.

Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing Hand Cream – This little tube has been working wonders. My hands have been really bad lately due to cold + work (involving hands constantly being wet and elbow deep in sanitizers). This product repairs intense cracks and damage that have already started and takes away all itching from cracked skin. Its not greasy, absorbs quickly, has a light fresh scent, and even lasts through hand washing. It continues to moisturize for hours after applying. I’m in love with it!!

So protect you hands and get out of the cold. Hopefully it’s not as cold where you are – and if you have plans to travel to Canada any time soon please pack layers, make sure you cover your ears and hands, and moisturize like crazy!!