Organizing the Important Stuff


The ‘Big Move’ is over and the apartment is finally starting to come together. But of course I had to organize the most important stuff first – my makeup. The first few days living out of my overflowing makeup bag and a box of beauty products was tough and stressful…it’s such a hard life to live (BAHAH). But really…

So I had to get to work. I had to organize. And now that I’m sharing the space with someone else I had to compromise….I can’t take over everything, sadly. So I separated beauty products in the bathroom and makeup in the bedroom. After finally putting together the Ikea dresser, I was granted permission to take over the top of the dresser as my makeup station (how sweet…) So with my jewellery boxes, perfume, a light and a mirror on the top, and the makeup in a top drawer, my makeup is organized and I’m super happy!! And it’s right beside the window – a great view from the 18th floor with the airport and the CN tower in sight! I love it!!!