Nail Biting

Bad Beauty Habits

download Mother’s truly know best. It’s a good time of year to remind yourself of that with Mothers Day just around the corner. But the reason I’m saying so now is not in honour of Mothers Day, but in honour of all those annoying, nagging comments my mother always chirped at me when I was growing up: ”¬†Stop biting your nails“, etc. Later in life I now know – my mother knew best.

There are a lot of bad habits when it comes to skin care and beauty and people are always telling you “don’t do that”. But does anyone ever tell you why? Maybe the fear of the future – what is to come if you don’t put at end to these bad habits – will scare you into stopping¬†once and for all. So here is my list of bad beauty habits (all of which I’ve been guilty of) and why you should try your best to stop them, for a more beautiful future.

1. Nail Biting : I dunno if it’s something we all do, but it’s definitely something I do. I’ve been biting my nails for as long as I can remember, only stopping once I have them nicely painted. But where does biting your nails get you? It gets you sore nails for a start. But it also makes your nails incredibly weak causing them to peel, causes hang nails, and makes your cuticles dry and brittle. So do whatever it takes – Sally Hansen’s No Bite worked for me when I was younger, paint your nails, and use a lot of hand creams. STOP BITING YOUR NAILS.

2. Pimple Picking: Okay comm’on. Everyone’s done it. That annoying pimple on your face arrives at the most inconvenient time and you need to get rid of it ASAP. But along with pimple popping and picking comes scabs, irritations, and scars. Acne scars are some of the hardest ones to deal with and heal. And although there are some very helpful products and natural ways to heal those scars, there are also easy ways to prevent them happening in the first place. STOP PICKING PIMPLES!

3. Lip Biting/Licking: This one is my worst habit. Not just out of the beauty habits, but out of all other habits I have. I bite and peel and lick my lips constantly and I always have sore, dry, and often bleeding lips. It’s taken me years to find a product that helps to heal my lips, but I still suffer from dry lips. Each and every time I want to wear lipstick I must painstakingly exfoliate my lips beforehand or else it flakes away and I have crumbly lipstick. So STOP BITING/LICKING YOUR LIPS!! (I think I’m talking to myself here)

Everyone has bad habits, but some bad beauty habits can come back to harm you later. So put an end to them now, if you can!! I can try to help!