Same Name Different Colour?


I know from experience the importance of choosing the exact same dye lot number when it comes to knitting or sewing to ensure your colours aren’t slightly off (that’s the grandma in me) – but who ever knew that there was such a difference in the lot number of your cosmetics? Shades and blends are incredibly important, so when you find your colour you know exactly what you’ll be getting each and every time you purchase and repurchase the same name and number….or so you’d think.

This assumption of mine left me quite disappointed recently upon a re-purchase of an Essie polish. Now it’s not like it’s a foundation that didn’t match my skin tone (that would be tragic and an instant exchange); nail polishes are still usable and great in varying colours, that’s what makes it fun! But when I went to repurchase one of my favourite Essie shades, I was sorely disappointed in the obvious colour difference between my old bottle and my new.

It’s Essie Mint Candy Apple, which I believe is one of their most popular shades. It’s (supposed to be) the perfect blue-ish/minty green pastel shade – you know, the kind everyone loves this time of year. My first bottle (seen above on the right) was on the blue end of the spectrum. A light blue polish with a slight green tinge. And I loved it! So when I repurchased last weekend (about three years after my first bottle was purchased), I was shocked to see that the new bottle (see above on the left) was obviously a very green polish with a slight blue tinge. I stomped back to Shoppers to check out the rest, and even on the shelf you could see an obvious difference between several polishes claiming to be the same shade – so I can’t even put it down to the fact that they’ve changed the shade in the last three years. They have two different colours on the self at the same time….both claiming to be Mint Candy Apple.


So what’s the dealio Essie? Has anyone ever had this issue with their cosmetics?


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polishes


A new nail polish has taken hold of my life. I’ve set aside my Essie’s and O.P.I’s and made some room for the amazing Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polishes. Amazing quality polishes for only half the price – seriously! no exaggeration here. They’re literally only half the price of the most popular nail polishes but are just as good in every single way.

So, why do I love these polishes? The brush is short and square, and I can paint each nail with only one stroke! As much as many people prefer the skinnier, longer brushes for precision purposes, this brush can be turned on its side so some skinnier detail work. The best of both worlds! And the colour payoff is unreal! It’s the only polish I’ve ever used were I don’t feel the need for a second coat. And no, I’m not being paid to say these wonderful things. This is actually how much I’m excited about and love these polishes!

My only complaint about the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection would be the lack of colour options. They still have an amazing range of 40 shades, but when compared to Essie’s 343 shades it’s lacking significantly. I currently have 5 shades – Show Steeler (a light bluish grey), Cinna-Snap (my ultimate favourite maroon/burgundy), Jade Jump (a light minty green), Set Sail (the perfect light blue – almost cornflower), and Orange Zest (a quirky orange flare).

Have you ever tried  the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri? If not I highly recommend it.


Review: Seche Vite


Want a top coat that dries your nails in less than 3 minutes, never creases or indents, and makes your nail polish last almost a whole week? If you just said no then you’re crazy. Nail polish lovers, this one’s for you.

It’s the fast-drying Seche Vite! I had heard so much about this one from my friends, but had never managed to find it in stores. I know that you can find it at Ulta in the States, but it was always sold out when I went. I finally managed to get my hands on it in Marshall’s here at home, and since then I have seen it, and other Seche products in Target (now closing so go quick!) It’s the most amazing top coat ever and truly works. Hard, dry nails in just a few short minutes. I used to wait around for almost an hour before I’d feel confident enough to do anything. Nothing worse than ruining fresh nails in the zipper of your pants….

Seche also has several base and top coats available, as well as several different nail treatments. Check them out at Have you ever tried any other Seche products?