What’s In My Travel Bag: How to Pack Light



Hi, my name is Coleen and I’m a packaholic. Small bags never seem to cut it, and I get a thrill from packing as much as I possibly can. You never know what you’re going to need, am I right?! What if it’s cold? What if it rains? Too hot? What if we decide to do something fancy? Go out dancing?! What if, what if, what if?!! I digress……

With a long weekend trip to Boston this weekend with Megan and Sandra, I challenged myself to pack light since we’re only away for 4 days. (It may also have something to do with the fact that I lost the keys to my storage room and therefore can’t access my suitcase…) So I managed to squeeze what I hoped was enough outfits into a small weekend duffle. But of course the issue was my makeup – what do I take and what do I leave behind?

The most important thing to do is mix and match wherever possible. Palettes are a travellers best friend. Along with some key essentials I brought along my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, which is every single shade I could want and more, so no chance of any surprise wants or needs while away. The colours are incredibly blendable and are so easy to mix and match. There are endless possibilities. I also brought my Nars Bronzer/Blush Duo in Orgasm and Laguna, giving me the options of both blush or bronzer or both!! No need to pack one of each! Then of course the lips. Brights are in this summer, but do I bring a red, pink, and coral?! Of course not. I brought my MAC Retroglam Matte Relentlessly Red, which is a great hot pink/red combination, the perfect combination of both. Along with my Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio, a great red/orange combination just on the verge of bright coral. And finally, the scent. Bottles are so bulky. So of course, my Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball.

And of course, nothing is as compact and easy as my Indigo jewelry wrap with designated spots for necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. All rolled up in a tight little package.


How do you pack light? Any suggestions on weekend travel?! BOSTON here I come!!!

Wishlist – Christmas

Christmas-time is less than 10 days away!! So it might be a little late for this wish list. It was hard this year to put together a list. After spending so much money on my big move I just couldn’t justify any Christmas gifts…but I caved and I’ve come up with a small list of things that I would love to get for Christmas, or things that I think are great gifts for others (friends, sisters, girlfriends (hint hint Corey)). Image

1. Diptyque Feuille de Lavande: I’ve always wanted a Diptyque candle. I just can’t justify spending that much moola on a candle. They’re gorgeous though. The smell is amazing and makes me weak in the knees. I haven’t even smelt this scent before…but lavender is one of my favourite things in this world. The jars are so gorgeous and I love the idea of reusing them as well.

2. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Perfume: Another thing that I’ve wanted for a long time. I thought I was gonna get one of these for my birthday but it never came. I love Jo Malone. I often spend about a half hour in Holts smelling each individual perfume, and I have such a hard time picking out which one I like best. The rose perfume that came out at the end of the summer is also a winner. 

3. Vera Bradley Weekend Bag: I’ve always had a bit of a love for Vera Bradley patterns. I had a really tacky Vera Bradley bag when I was younger and a co-worker of mine makes fun of me non-stop for liking the patterns. We can’t get Vera Bradley in Canada, but since I’ve been traveling to the States for work so often I’ve seen a lot of it. I’ve always wanted this large quilted weekend bag, and now that I’ve found that it comes in a plain black colour I love it even more. Perfect for all the travelling I do.

4. Urban Decay Naked 2: I know that Naked 3 just launched last week, but I’m just not into the pink tones and light colours. I was always really really into the original Naked palette, but I recently decided that Naked 2 was the way to go, plus I just really like the packaging – a metal snap shut is really much better than fabric and magnets.

5. Longbourn by Jo Baker: I am a Pride and Prejudice junkie. Everything about the book, the movies, the soundtrack, the version with zombies, the fan fiction, the paraphernalia, etc. etc. I love it all. It is the worlds greatest love story. He was too proud, she was too prejudice. sigh. SO this new book came out recently and it’s on Heathers List (for those of you who don’t know, thats the CEO of Chapter’s reading list) – The book is about the story of Pride and Prejudice from the point of view of the Bennett family’s servants. Thats gonna be a cool twist. My mom and I are both so excited to read it!

Whats on your Christmas Wishlist this year?!