new year

Welcome 2017


Happy 2017 everyone!! Seeing as this is prime time for reflection, I started looking back on the year of 2016. Where I started, what has changed, where I find myself now. It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs. I’ve found immense happiness in my newfound determination in the gym (albeit falling out of sorts over the past month) as well as the happiness found with the one I love! After five years together we are engaged!! And I certainly can’t wait for the coming year of wedding planning (stay tuned here for many wedding related posts). But with all the ups there have certainly been some downs and I think I can confirm that overall, 2016 was not the bright and cheerful year it was meant to be.

2016 was a year of internal frustrations. I spent as much time as possible over the past year trying to figure myself out; what I want, who I am, where I want to go. Yet I seemed to hit many more bumps in the road than the smooth sailing I had expected. I’ve struggled with decisions about my career, about my future, and even about this blog! And all the while I struggled with these decisions I’ve also had a tough year struggling with some anxiety and depression. Yes, I’m not afraid to say it. I don’t believe in those stigmas. And now, at the end of one year and the beginning of another, I feel like I haven’t come to any conclusions, nor have I come any closer to figuring myself out than I was over six months ago.

With regards to my blog, the more I tried to write something the harder it became. I quickly realized that what had started as a passion of mine had become a main contributor of my stress. So I quit cold-turkey. I even considered completed shutting down this space and deleting it’s presence on the web. My amazing friends and family pointed out that I’d regret it, and of course, they were right. I needed to give myself and break and think about what I wanted to write about. Was this for me or for you? In the end, of course, I’ve come to realize this is for me. I don’t care what readers think. I write it because I want to and whether people read it or not I couldn’t give two….So I’ve refocused. I’ll keep writing about what my heart desires. I’m so excited to start some wedding planning over the next few months and maybe, just maybe, I’ll use this space to keep my thoughts and plans straight as I plan the most important and exciting day of my life!

I may have been down over the last few months. I may have had a rough 2016, being hard on myself and having high expectations in life. I may have scrapped by through stress induced days of work and restless nights. But with that behind me I venture forth with a determination to go with the flow, to relax, and to roll with the punches. So here’s to a happy 2017! I don’t need to figure myself out, or my life. I just need to live in the moment and enjoy everything around me.


Starting the NY in NYC


With 2014 now behind us and very positive resolutions set out I decided to start my New Year off with an amazing, positive, heartwarming day in NYC. I just finished a two and a half week assignment in Staten Island and I had the whole day to myself. So I decided to go to my two favourite NYC stops and give myself the positive kick I needed to start this year right.

I started at the Metropolitan Museum. With an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Art History you’d think I’d have picked something a little less generic; New York has so much to offer with regards to art and galleries. But I love the Met. The environment, the architecture, the exhibits, the people. Everything. I’ll admit I don’t enjoy viewing everything, and it’s impossible to see everything in one day. So I grabbed the map and headed straight for my favourite galleries. Some of my favourite art has a way of moving me that is inexplicable and I was incredibly humbled, thankful, and awed to start this year with some of my favourite pieces of art.

Next stop was SOHO. Exploring some new stores, finding great new styles and trends that I’m excited to experiment with, meeting some new friends, and having some great Japanese cuisine were combined to be the cherry on top of a fabulous day!

The day couldn’t have been any better and I truly started my New Year off right. I’ve been getting a lot of love from you guys responding to my New Years Resolutions and I’m feeling really positive, happy and upbeat about this year and what it has to bring. Nothing can shake this new found positivity. Each new challenge thrown my way brings new learning opportunities and growth! I don’t know when I’ll be back in NYC but I sure am happy I started my year off here.

What are your favourite spots in NYC?


2015 Plans and Resolutions


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.47.21 PM

2014 was a year full of successes in many aspects of my life. Blogging successfully, continuing in my career successfully and having a successfully happy year with family and friends. I can only hope that 2015 is as happy and successful. But for 2015 I have more self-centred and selfish plans and resolution: all focusing on myself and my personal happiness, healthiness and love for myself. These are my resolutions:

1. Love Myself: My body image is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve never been the tiny type but have almost always believed that is the way I should be. I struggle with weight-loss, fad diets and failed workout regimes. But this year I WILL love myself, no matter what. Of course I have plans to stick to healthy eating and join a gym; to work out hard and gain back the body I had a few years ago. But I no longer wish to have a body that I know is not attainable. I just wish to love the body I have.

2. Love Fashion: Because of my constant dislike of my body or my size I often put fashion on the back burner and bring cosmetics and accessories to the fore-front. Makeup and jewellery always fit….. right? But this year I resolve to get creative, try new things, and love fashion again!

3. Love my Career: Travelling for work often drags me down. It’s not easy. I ride an emotional roller coaster when it comes to my career sometimes but when I have good days I see why I truly enjoy the career I have. In 2015 I resolve to find joy in more aspects of my job and to love my career. To be more positive about a path that my career may lead me in and what the future may hold! I do love my job.

4. Blog Every Second Day: I tried this one last year, and I didn’t succeed as often as I would have liked. 2014 was a very successful blog year, but I want better. I have many plans this year and I hope to visit some new themes and ideas for the blog. I hope to have more reader contact and interaction and hope to push myself a little more with regards to my blog.

My resolutions are simple when written in plain english but the follow through may not be simple actions. Resolutions are always a struggle and the first few weeks of January often see plans and resolutions set aside and quickly forgotten. But I have resolved to do things that are always on my mind and that I’m constantly reminding myself of, so this should be a little easier. Hard to forget things that are the building blocks of your daily ideologies.

So heres to the New Year. Happy New Year everyone. 2015. wow! I hope that you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and that you rung in the New Year with the ones you love. What are your plans for 2015?