Review – Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream


As the result of 50 years of Olay research, the unique formala of Olay’s Regenerist creams and serums are truly a wonderful addition to the drug store shelves. Though at a price point just barely lower than many high end moisturizers, creams and serums of the day, does Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream measure up?

Looking for something new in the night cream department, I decided to give it a go. Penetrating 10 layers of skin, down to the micro-layers, this cream is meant to hydrate down to these layers of your face to lift and plump. With Hyaluronic Acid, Amino-Peptides and Vitamin B3, you’ll be able to see results on day one! Say bye bye to wrinkles and fine lines. As a 23 year old that wasn’t really an issue for me, but the cream has certainly evened out my skin and has provided me with perfect moisture on a nightly basis, leaving my skin feeling firm and soft. As I prefer something a little less thick for the day-time, I do stick only to bedtime use of this product, but if you’re looking for something to keep your face moisturized all day long while working to keep you fresh and young looking than this is the option for you!

Have you tried any other products from the Olay Regenerist line? Which ones should I try next?


Review – Olay Total Effects CC Cream


The BB and CC craze is one that baffles me a little bit. But for someone who hasn’t really delved into the realm of these new fads, I may not be one to form a concrete decision on the whole lot. Besides being a light-weight, light coverage, tinted moisturizer, I find it hard to see all the benefits they claim to have. Either way, I decided to try the Olay CC Cream. 

I gave it a go and brought it with me as I travelled for work a few months ago. I find thats the best way to determine whether or not you like a product, since it’s the only one you have with you. The cream is quite thick, much thicker than any moisturizer I’ve ever used before. Once blended out with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush it left a well moisturized, dewy face that I was quite happy with. After  a few days I got over the fact that the cream is so thick upon application and I quite enjoyed the product. But the more and more I use it now, the less I like it. Maybe since the weather is a little warmer, but I find that the dewy finish turns oily/greasy looking quite fast and it quickly feels like a thick layer of pore-clogging foundation like I wore 10 years ago and I quickly want to wash it off before I break out. I still give it a go every once and a while, but for now I think I’ll put this product aside until the colder weather again.

I’ve heard great things about the Olay CC Pore-Minimizing Cream, which maybe was the one I should have tried. So maybe I’ll give that one a go in the near future. I’m still pretty new to Olay products. What is your favourite from Olay?


Evening Skincare Routine


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my evening skincare routine, and admittedly it’s been awhile since I’ve been strict and diligent about it. But after this brutal winter, and a recent sunburn I knew it was time to get back to it. I’m turning over a new leaf and trying my best to take care of my skin. So here is my updated evening routine:

1. Makeup Remover: For makeup removing I’ve been loving The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up RemoverIt’s formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. My skin isn’t super sensitive but I’m always really careful around my eyes, and this gentle formula works really well. And it’s not oily, like a lot of other makeup removers out there that leave oily residue around my eyes that I feel the need to scrub off afterwards. It has a really relaxing light and fresh scent too. It’s always really important to remove your makeup. Please don’t forget.

2. Cleanse: I’ve been using two different cleanser lately. The first is Olay Foaming Face Wash for sensitive skin. I actually picked this one up by mistake thinking it was the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (which I love), but this one has been really great too. I’m not very picky about the brand that I use with my everyday cleanser, but I need it to be a foaming/sudsy cleanser in order to feel like I properly cleansed my face. When I’m travelling I always opt for a more travel-friendly package and for that I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. I know that I’ve been going on and on about the Vitamin E line, and this one is no exception. This one is super easy, no water necessary. Just smooth it on and remove it with cotton pads. Like all other Vitamin E products it leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft.

3. Exfoliate: For those days that I’ve been exfoliating (about 2-3 times a week) I’ve been using the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub. The oil-free formula actually helps clear breakouts and refreshes the skin. It feels great!! It’s important to exfoliate to remove impurities and dry/dead skin from your face, but make sure not to do it too often or you will damage the skin that is healthy. The great thing about St. Ives is that it’s hypoallergenic and formulated without parabens.

4. Tone: I always think that toning is an important step for daily skin care. For years I’ve been using Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2. It helps remove any dirt and greasy oils that the cleanser may have missed (although with the right cleanser that shouldn’t be a problem) and over time it helps revitalize skin’s natural renewal process. So skin looks healthy and renewed.

5. Moisturize: And of course the final, and most important step is to moisturize your face. I’ve been using Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for years and I’ll probably never change it. But some days I also use a small amount of Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil for a deep and intense moisturizer. I’ve also been pretty strict lately when it comes to focusing on my eyes. I’m finding that the skin under my eyes is looking more and more worn and tired looking, so I use either Roc Hydra+ Anti-Fatigue or Origins GinZing Eye Creamwhich has recently become a non-negotiable staple in my evening skincare routine. Once in a while, for that final spritz of moisture, I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist  for an instantly refreshing moisture boost.

There are a ton of skincare products out there that I really want to try. So I will probably be mixing this up again soon. Of course I refuse to change up the good ones that have never steered my wrong such as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and the Origins GinZing Eye Cream. What evening skincare products do you love? Any good suggestions for a mask?