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Blogmas Day 4: Saving with Online Shopping

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‘Tis the season for bills. We all know it! The beginning of December brings holiday cheer but as of December 26th the Visa bills looms large. But there are actually a few ways that you can save this holiday season, and all from the comfort of your home! There are many ways to save with online shopping. We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big online shopping days with amazing deals to save you money. But what about the other 363 days of the year? Surveys show that about 60% of Canadians will do their Christmas shopping online this year. So why not save a bit while you’re at it?

I recently discovered a few online voucher code websites, and I am becoming increasingly obsessed with them. I have been using discountrue and been saving over 10% each time I shop online, whether it’s at Neiman Marcus or Target. It’s a blog created by a regular shopper and discount lover like yourself who has scoped out the best coupons and deals for you! From so many different stores!

Another way I save money when I shop online is through social media. A lot of brands (particularly beauty brands) will often ask you to ‘like’ their page on Facebook and in return you will get a freebie or a coupon. I’m a social media junkie so I may as well be getting something while I’m double tapping and tweeting, right?

When you first click onto a new shopping website, you might be asked to sign up for retailer’s mailing lists. Don’t just ignore it and click away! I have been signing up every time and have ended up saving a lot. If you don’t want your email inbox full of brand’s emails, you could always set up a new email address that you only use for online shopping. Retailers love first-time customers and will offer money off your first shop, a percentage off, or free shipping. And speaking of shipping, if orders over a certain $ get free shipping then fill that basket. Larger orders save you money.

Before you click through and pay for your items online, read the store’s returns policy. Would you be required to pay postage if your mirror arrives damaged, or the new dress doesn’t quite fit ? You don’t want to be out of pocket for this type of thing! Read the fine print carefully.

I really love shopping online and I will most likely be doing all my holiday shopping online this season. What are the best ways that you save money during the holiday shopping season?


The Good, The Bad, and the ugly –


I must start by saying the is an amazing website! As it is a recent discovery of mine, of course I had to test it out. It’s a great website for all things beauty related at amazingly low prices!! And constant sale items! The best part is that it includes free shipping around the world!! How can you go wrong with that!!

I got myself only two items, trying to reign back my beauty spending. The first was an item that I’ve been looking at for a long time – the Stila Convertible Colour for cheeks and lips in the colour Rose. I’ve read many many blog reviews about this item, yet it usually sells for $33 at Sephora. On I got it for $26. The second item was the Rimmel Apocalips in the colour Apocalyptic, usually on sale at Shoppers for $11. On I got it for $8. With free shipping my total order came to $34, when regular in store price of these two items would come to $44, total savings of $10 on just two items! Thats pretty good.

But I have a qualm. A major qualm! Seeing as I’ve never been one to buy makeup and other beauty products online before, this issue never crossed my mind until the box arrived on my doorstep. Online the colour of the products look completely different than in person!!! Now that I have the products in my hands I’ve realized that I bought the wrong colours for my face and normal colour palette. The rose coloured Stila Convertible Colour is doable. I really enjoy the colour on my lips but when I use it on my cheeks I can only use a small teensy tiny dab and I need to blend it very well before it reaches a natural looking pigment, otherwise is stands out on my cheeks quite a bit. When it comes to the Apocalyptic Apocalips, I’m not sure if I will ever be able to pull off the colour. It’s extremely pigmented and stands out quite a bit, and is hot hot pink as pink can be, so not my colour. But I’ll give it a try. I may have something in my wardrobe that can handle a splash of pink.

So, lesson learned….the bad of and other online beauty shopping: find the product in store, figure out what colour works for you, then buy it online. You cannot browse colour online. I would use again, I would just ensure I know exactly what I want before hand…so I suggest you do too!

So get shopping and save those dollas!! There is nothing more exciting than receiving a box of makeup in the mail!