My Blog Organization


After a year of blogging I believe that my blogging life is finally starting to resemble something along the lines of ‘organization’. In the first few months of my blog I posted whenever I felt like it. I went days, weeks, and at one point even a whole month without a single post. But of course I realized that any sort of success would only come with my hard work, and in the new year I pledged to put everything I could into my blog. It required some planning and organization….and I’m still getting there. 

But how do I keep myself organized? And what tools do I use to blog with?

Moleskine’s are travellers, journalists, and bloggers best friends. These notebooks are wonderful – if you can believe that certain bound pieces of paper can be better than other bound pieces of paper. I’ve been using Moleskine notebooks since High School so when I decided I need more organization for my blog, I picked up a 3 pack of Moleskine Cahier Lined Notebooks. These are decent sized notebooks with heavy card stock covers. In this notebook, I keep track of my posts, what date I post and, just in case I’ve written them in advance, I check whether I’ve completed writing it and whether I’ve taken pictures. I also keep track of any ideas I have for future posts. This method is keeping me incredibly organized! I’ve managed to start blogging at least three times a week now and I’m hoping to get that down to every second day. 

My pictures are always something I struggle with. I love using my Nikon D40, but I unfortunately feel that I do not use it to it’s full capacity. Nor am I very skilled with editing photos. But I think I’m getting slightly better. I use my tripod whenever possible to be sure my photos are straight, and I try to take my photos at the sunniest part of the day, for the most natural lighting. Taking more time with my pictures has made me feel a little more confident about my blog. I know that I’m more likely to click on someone else’s post if the picture draws me in. Pictures say a thousand words. 

So heres to some successful organization and planning, and to the future of blogging. I’ve definitely been experiencing more success since I began organizing, and hopefully I can get my pictures to the same level! Thanks for staying tuned readers, and don’t be shy to let me know what you think or ask questions!


Organizing the Important Stuff


The ‘Big Move’ is over and the apartment is finally starting to come together. But of course I had to organize the most important stuff first – my makeup. The first few days living out of my overflowing makeup bag and a box of beauty products was tough and stressful…it’s such a hard life to live (BAHAH). But really…

So I had to get to work. I had to organize. And now that I’m sharing the space with someone else I had to compromise….I can’t take over everything, sadly. So I separated beauty products in the bathroom and makeup in the bedroom. After finally putting together the Ikea dresser, I was granted permission to take over the top of the dresser as my makeup station (how sweet…) So with my jewellery boxes, perfume, a light and a mirror on the top, and the makeup in a top drawer, my makeup is organized and I’m super happy!! And it’s right beside the window – a great view from the 18th floor with the airport and the CN tower in sight! I love it!!!