Kat Von D True Romance Palette Poetica


A beautiful new eyeshadow palette fell into my lap not too long ago and at a steal too! Regularly priced at $39, I found the Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette Poetica for only $14 at Marshalls! SCORE! At first glance I didn’t think I’d get much use out of these colours, but after a few weeks of testing and playing I’ve grown quite attached to this little palette of wonderous colours and their amazing formulas. Let’s take a closer look.

The cute little compact comes with 8 different eyeshadow shades with two neutrals, three purples, a white, black and copper orange. From left to right you have Forgiveness (pearly butter cream), Sand Timer (pearly sand), Chandelier (pearly copper), Tijuana (black and brown with gold sparkle), Wonderland (dark burgundy with pearly gold), Skiba (purple with pearly gold), Babe (lavender), and You Alone (matte vanilla). The palette also comes with a mini waterproof Puro Amor Black Autograph Pencil Liner!

You can probably tell from the swatches that the two neutral shades are actually quite translucent and aren’t as bold as Kat Von D shadows tend to be. But the remaining 6 shades are bright and bold and the buttery formula creates amazing colour and coverage after only one swipe! All 8 of the shadows have a lovely shimmer, but of course Tijuana and Wonderland do create a more sparkly eye. Don’t get discouraged from these swatches through. The sparkles are subtle and are perfect for accents and to add a little something. I love using Tijuana under the lower lashes for a little pop!

Ps. Just like all other Kat Von D shadows and products, these eyeshadows are created without the use of parabens, but ARE formulated with rose extracts, keeping your lids moisturized all day and lengthening the wear of your shadows!

Have you ever tried Kat Von D eyeshadows? Which are your favourite?


Review – Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette


Want fabulous, every-day, simple eyeshadow at a low price? Of course you do! Everyone does. And that’s exactly what I found in the Sleek I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Oh So Special! I may rant and rave about the NYX naturals, my other favourite everyday simple eyeshadow palette, but when this sleek and sexy palette landed in my lap I was sold! I’ve changed my ways and I’m hooked on Sleek.

The Oh So Special palette has a great assortment of colours. I didn’t pick the palette out for myself, but after looking at the other I-Divine palettes online I truly believe that this one is the best. You’ve got your subtle pinks and neutral undertone colours, as well as some darker mattes, slight sparkles, and some really harsh purples and blues to make you’re eyes pop! It’s the perfect palette for travelling and taking your makeup from day to night as quickly as possible. So simple. And the colours are some of the most easily applied and most pigmented of any other budget palette out there!

Of course the first things I did upon opening the package was toss the silly little eyeshadow applicators. I don’t understand how two pathetic sponges on the end of a stick are supposed to be the best for eyeshadow application. I prefer my MAC 217 brush. I’ll post an updated every day makeup routine soon, and you can see my love of the Sleek I-Divine Palette in action.

Unfortunately, having my palette brought over from Ireland, I’m not sure where these can be found in North America. Try Amazon? Or keep these on your shopping list for your next trip across the pond! Have you ever tried any Sleek products?


DIY Report: De-Potting MAC Eyeshadows



Bonjourno ladies and gents! The time has finally come for me to do something that I’ve been talking about for about 6 months now. Time to de-pot my MAC eyeshadows, and create my own MAC palette. I’ve been worried about ruining my eyeshadows throughout the process, which is why I think I’ve been putting it off. But if you only knew how easy it is, you wouldn’t hesitate.

MAC has palette sizes in 2, 4, or 15 eyeshadows. I thought the 15 was too much of a commitment, and not travel friendly so I went with the 4. I already had 7 or 8 MAC eyeshadows so I bought 2 of them. I tried my best to match each of the 4 with similar shades and colours that work well together. Yet some of my eyeshadows are odd shades. I haven’t used MAC eyeshadows for awhile now since I’ve been addicted to my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. So this is a work in process. Time to buy some new MAC shades and switch out some of those odd weirdos!! YAY!

So getting down to business. Here is the process to de-pot MAC eyeshadows. You’ll need a hair straightener, a knife, a roll of magnet tape, and a magnetic palette to put your eyeshadows in (such as the MAC palettes, but really any magnetic palette would work)


First step is to separate the top and bottom plastic pieces of the pot (remove the shadow from the compact). All you have to do is stick the knife in between the two pieces. There is an obvious seam. Then place the piece with the shadow on the hot straightener. Make sure the straightener is on the hottest setting. Even if you start to smell some burning don’t worry! It is plastic, but you won’t ruin your straightener.


Leave the shadow on the straightener for about a minute. Careful its hot!! Easiest to take it off the straightener with the knife. Next, use the knife to take the metal pan of shadow out of the plastic insert. If you can’t fit the knife in yet then don’t touch! Put it back on the straightener, the glue will need to melt more. Trying to remove the eyeshadow before its ready could result in a damaged metal pan and/or damaged and cracked shadow. Cut a small piece of magnetic tape and place on the bottom of the tin pan of shadow.


Now if you would like to keep the identification sticker on the bottom of the pot so you know the name of each shadow, thats another easy step. Place the bottom part of the plastic pot on the straightener until you can slip the knife under the sticker. Peel it off, and place it on the back of the metal pan. It’s okay to put it on the magnet, it’ll still stick.


Then its simple! Just pop it in your magnetic palette!! I created one palette of purples and blues (with one empty spot) and another of more random shadows that kinda made a bit of a neutral/warm palette (with a weird green in there). Like a said, a work in process. Can’t wait to add to the collection. AND….I de-potted 6, which is enough for ‘Back to MAC’, meaning I bring back 6 empty eyeshadow pots and get either a lipstick or lip gloss for free!!! If they try to give you a hard time for the metal pan not being in the pot thats BS. They’ll take it back. They don’t recycle the metal part. Have fun and be careful!!

Have you ever de-potted MAC eyeshadows? Any suggestions on which ones I should buy next?