Homemade Jalapeño Poppers!


It’s incredibly rare for me to find something easy to make that is a hit every time I make it. I’m always so self conscious about my mediocre cooking and my countless failed Pinterest attempts when it comes to parties, potlucks or dinner hosting. Friends, you’ve all experienced this first-hand, so you know what I mean. Heck, most of the time I have to Google how to boil and egg!!! (Okay I’m not really that bad….I just always forget the perfect timing). So when a friend of mine made me the most amazingly easy and delicious Jalapeño Poppers I knew it was something I could make and I WAS RIGHT!! They’re super easy and oh so delicious. And certainly a crowd pleaser at any event I’ve ever brought them to.

The original recipe comes from the blog Spend With Pennies, but my best friend Jessica put her own little twist on them which I think is even better; replace the ‘egg roll wrappers’ for ‘spring roll wrappers’. I think the texture is much better! You can also bake them rather than fry them for a bit of a healthier option. Spring roll wrappers are quite tricky to work with though, so you need to make sure you read all instructions and have everything prepared and on-hand before you open the package and start wrapping. Keep them moist with a wet paper towel on top and keep a small bowl of water on hand to keep your finger tips wet too. Then roll away!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 7.57.01 PM

A few friends of mine think that the spice level is a bit too high, so you can adjust the amount of pickled Jalapeños accordingly. Yet either way they are a total hit with dinner party crowds! What are your favourite recipes?


My Favourite Food Blogs


Cause when the February Blues get me down, I turn to comfort food. And where better to find new recipes and food porn than from the pages of fellow bloggers! Many bloggers take the time to blog about a few favourite recipes (which I’ve done a few times in the past), but I’ve saved a few blogs in my Bloglovin’ Feed that are food specific and that I can’t get enough of! These are my favourite food blogs:

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.41.59 PM (more…)

Blogmas Day 21: My Favourite Holiday Cocktail


Four days left! Are you done your shopping? Whether you are or aren’t, it’s probably about time you fixed yourself a nice holiday drink. A drink to get you through the rest of your shopping stress, to get through the colder nights, and to brighten your Christmas day with family and friends. But it’s no fun cheers-ing with a simple glass of wine or eggnog, let’s get creative and festive my friends. It’s time to put on my mixologist hat!

Okay, so it’s really not THAT fancy, and I totally got the recipe from somewhere like a book or online way back when. So sadly this cocktail is not of my own creation. It’s quite popular and can be found in many variations of Pinterest; which is great, but might knock my creativity and originality down a peg. So here’s my recipe.

It’s a Spiced Apple Cider Martini. It’s refreshing, yet slightly warming in it’s cinnamon goodness and alcohol medley.

4 oz Apple Cider

4 oz Vodka

2 oz Brandy

2 oz Triple Sec

1 oz fresh lemon juice

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp fine sugar

1 tsp brown sugar

Combine all ingredients (you can even blend in a blender for 5 seconds) then shake with ice in a martini shaker. I like to rim the top of my martini glass with a mix of sugar and cinnamon. Simply dip the rim in lemon juice then in the sugar mix. Pour the drink in two glasses and garnish with sliced apples or cinnamon sticks. And enjoy!

Or, try another Cider favourite of 3 cups of cider mixed with 2 cups of red wine in a pot. Add maple syrup or sugar for a bit of sweetness and add some apple slices or oranges, all simmered in a pot for 5 minutes. Mulled Cider. hmmmmmm!

What is your favourite holiday cocktail recipe?