Welcome 2017


Happy 2017 everyone!! Seeing as this is prime time for reflection, I started looking back on the year of 2016. Where I started, what has changed, where I find myself now. It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs. I’ve found immense happiness in my newfound determination in the gym (albeit falling out of sorts over the past month) as well as the happiness found with the one I love! After five years together we are engaged!! And I certainly can’t wait for the coming year of wedding planning (stay tuned here for many wedding related posts). But with all the ups there have certainly been some downs and I think I can confirm that overall, 2016 was not the bright and cheerful year it was meant to be.

2016 was a year of internal frustrations. I spent as much time as possible over the past year trying to figure myself out; what I want, who I am, where I want to go. Yet I seemed to hit many more bumps in the road than the smooth sailing I had expected. I’ve struggled with decisions about my career, about my future, and even about this blog! And all the while I struggled with these decisions I’ve also had a tough year struggling with some anxiety and depression. Yes, I’m not afraid to say it. I don’t believe in those stigmas. And now, at the end of one year and the beginning of another, I feel like I haven’t come to any conclusions, nor have I come any closer to figuring myself out than I was over six months ago.

With regards to my blog, the more I tried to write something the harder it became. I quickly realized that what had started as a passion of mine had become a main contributor of my stress. So I quit cold-turkey. I even considered completed shutting down this space and deleting it’s presence on the web. My amazing friends and family pointed out that I’d regret it, and of course, they were right. I needed to give myself and break and think about what I wanted to write about. Was this for me or for you? In the end, of course, I’ve come to realize this is for me. I don’t care what readers think. I write it because I want to and whether people read it or not I couldn’t give two….So I’ve refocused. I’ll keep writing about what my heart desires. I’m so excited to start some wedding planning over the next few months and maybe, just maybe, I’ll use this space to keep my thoughts and plans straight as I plan the most important and exciting day of my life!

I may have been down over the last few months. I may have had a rough 2016, being hard on myself and having high expectations in life. I may have scrapped by through stress induced days of work and restless nights. But with that behind me I venture forth with a determination to go with the flow, to relax, and to roll with the punches. So here’s to a happy 2017! I don’t need to figure myself out, or my life. I just need to live in the moment and enjoy everything around me.


The Best of L&L for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.30.06 PM

There are only 9 days left of 2014 and of course it’s a time for everyone to start looking back and reflecting on the year. What did 2014 bring? Did I accomplish my goals? Well, for me here at Lipstick and L’Attitude the reflecting moments have been frequent occurrences. A year ago I made myself some blogging goals and not only did I reach them, I doubled what I had expected. I’ve had such a successful year compared to what I expected and what I had hoped for after only a year and a half of blogging. And 2015 is already looking great with some cool collaborations to come (shh….more details later).

So while reflecting back on 2014 I took a look into the stats for my top 5 posts to get an idea of what you guys like and to help me plan a little bit for the coming year. And you guys didn’t make it easy! Each of the 5 most popular posts were completely different topics, categories and products. So I guess that means continue with a little bit of everything? This is what you guys liked this year:

Coming in at number 5 was the ‘Last Minute Gift Ideas for Valentines Day’ which, can you guess, I posted on February 13th. A surprising amount of you procrastinators checked this one out and it achieved a great number of google searches. Lots of procrastinators out there. This was the first post to shake me into “hey! I can do this” blogging mentality! That followed a very close number 4 with my review of the Nyx Wonder Pencil. I’ll have to admit it’s not my best photography on this one and I was quite surprised at the post’s popularity. I still hold true to my love of this wonder product.

Now not so close at number 3, gaining a considerable amount more attention, was my little blurb about my adorable Zara Mini Messenger Bag, which I think stays true to the ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ saying. Great picture, very few words, many hits. It IS a great bag. Even further up there in the stats, at number 2 was one of my favourite posts of the year to write: the Style Guide: Get the Look from ‘Begin Again’. More than double the amount of views of the 3rd top hit. This wow’ed me! I was a little blown away and awed! I certainly can’t wait to write more of these ‘Get the Look’ posts! So much fun.

And my number 1 post of 2014…..drumroll…..was my review of India Hair-Yurvedics from I.C.O.N. A certainly surprising winner as it is probably my most negative review of all time. Products I did not quite enjoy in any way. Interesting. All in all, I was blown away by your views this year and each and every day is seeing more and more. I’m truly thankful to each and every follower and loyal reader, and even to those of you who stop by just once and awhile. You’ve given me hope for a positive internet world and you have stoked the fire of a passion and a hobby (lord knows I needed one). So thank you guys!! Keep reading and stay posted for some exciting stuff in 2015!!!!

Which was your favourite of my recent posts?