Top 5 – January


Seems like I’ve dropped the ball and missed the past few months of Top 5 Favourites. I could make some excuse about the months flying by too quickly, but truthfully they’re going so slow and I’m so bored. Just slipped my mind I guess. But here I am for the first Top 5 post of 2016, my January Top 5. So, here we go.

Like I said, I’ve been quite bored lately. Nothing but early mornings and work, work, work. Therefore the bits and bobs that have kept me going over the past month are quite simple as well. Easy makeup and moisturizer for every inch of my body due to this miserable weather. My daily work face has pretty much been limited to three or four products, including the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It’s great for really simple colour and coverage while moisturizing my face as well. Then a little comb through the brows with the Maybelline Brow DramaI’ve really enjoyed this product over the past year, and once again you see it again in the Top 5. Been pretty consistent there. And finally for the makeup and daily face, for a bit of colour I’ve been using the Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Deep Plum.

Now, keeping things moisturized along with the simple makeup face I’ve been hooked on the Clinque Moisture Surge. I only have a little tiny sampler size, but I’ve been using it daily and I’ve already ordered one online! Then my ever handy (hahah get it, handy?) travel sized L’Occitane Hand Cream that is my absolute favourite hand cream. Perfect hand moisturizing with no greasy-feel. That’s the worst and one of my biggest pet peeves. So once I find one like this I’m hooked!

What have you been loving this month?


Blogmas Day 13: The Pamper Gift Guide


Welcome to the first day of a week-long gifting guide! It’s crunch time for holiday shopping with only two weeks and one full weekend left to get it all done. But if you’re having trouble shopping for your friends and loved ones, than stick with me. Every day from today to next Saturday I’ll be sharing a different gift guide with you, culminating in my wish list for this holiday season (head’s up those who still have to shop for me!). So to kick it all off on a cozy Sunday I’ll give you my idea for a pamper gift guide; perfect gifts for those who love to relax and enjoy a little bit of time for themselves!

When it comes to pamper shopping I believe you can get it all done with just two shops: Sephora and Bath and Body Works. These are my favourite spots to pick up a few pampering items for myself. They always have some amazing deals on gift items and are flush with the pamper types.

First stop, Sephora. My favourite parts of ‘pamper Sunday’s’ are the face masks. Sephora has a great selection of course, from almost any brand in their arsenal. I love the cheap $8 Sephora sheet masks that come in about 8 different kinds (16 if you include the eye sheet masks too). I always pick up a few of these in preparation for a girls weekend. My other face mask loves from Sephora are the Peter Thomas Roth Mini Mask Trio Pumpkin Enzymes Mask, Cucumber De-Tox Mask, and Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask. As a Sephora exclusive for only $25, you can get these three mini sample sizes of Peter Thomas Roth’s most popular masks! At about $50 each for the full size it’s a great buy! And you get to try three different, relaxing, calming, exfoliating masks.

Second stop, Bath and Body Works. You can always find great gifts in here. Whether it’s candles, soaps, lotions and creams, or some of their fun bath products, Bath and Body Works ALWAYS has an amazing selection and great deals. My favourite picks here are from the Aromatherapy line. I LOVE the Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint Candle, as well as the Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Tea Body Lotion. But my favourite is the Sleep Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Spray. A MUST on those stressful long days.

Hopefully that helps in a few gifting ideas. Gift a day of pamper at home! Don’t like the pamper ideas? Stay tuned for 7 more days of gift guides coming your way!


Blogmas Day 12: Top 5 Holiday Reds


Nothing embodies the “Merry and Bright”-ness of the Holiday Season like a good red lip. Christmas time is the time to do it! The time of year when you can get away with a red lip for almost any occasion, any day! So why not? Whip out that red and slap it on any day!

But not every red is a good holiday red. Some are too orangey (that’s for summertime folks) and some are too pink (maybe spring?). You need a good deep, pure red; a scarlet, if you will. I’ve got my fair share of those, but here are five that really stand out to me and are my favourite for the perfect holiday reds.

Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella – You know how much I love all Nars lip pencils! So this is no exception. I absolutely love the formula, the application, the colour payoff, the wear! So this colour is my favourite of them all I’d say. I’ve worn this one a few holidays in a row now and I get countless compliments! I think I’ve actually got about three of these pencils in this shade in various bags and purses.

Marc Jacobs Lipcreme in So Rouge – Everyone who ventured into the Sephora VIB Rouge world will know about this one! The mini Marc Jacobs lipstick that comes with spending over $1k in a year….wow, thanks. A great reward. Okay, but seriously it is a great red. Bold, and a little more on the candy apple side.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Blake’s Red – These were on the market a few years ago and I thought I’d missed my chance. But alas! They’re back! So I’ve picked up a few and I’m loving them. Specifically Blake and Julianne‘s red. Blake’s is classic for the holidays – a perfect deep scarlet red no matter if your blonde like Blake or brunette like me.

L’Oreal Endless Lipstick in Crimson Joy – I believe this one’s discontinued, but I’ve been loving this holiday inspired lipstick for years! You can see it in last year’s Christmas Face post that I did. It’s a perfect scarlet lip that isn’t too overstated. And it slides on so smoothly. It’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks I own.

Sephora Lip Stain in Always Red – This one’s a classic. Every Sephora lover or blog reader knows this one. You can read my full review of it here, but as a quick synopsis it’s the longest lasting lip stain in my arsenal and it’s the PERFECT red. I reach for this one more than any when I need a long lasting red. Apply is once and pucker up all day! Perfect for those mistletoe ridden occasions.

What is your favourite holiday red?