4 Fabulous Fashion Accessories All Women Must Have

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Every outfit needs a selection of cool accessories to go with it. These are the little things that compliment the main elements and make everything awesome! So, I’ve got a list of some fashion accessories every girl needs in their life:

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Sexy Sunglasses

No matter the season there’s always room for sunglasses in your outfits. For years people thought this fashion accessory’s primary purpose was to shield your eyes from the sun. But whether sunny or not, sunglasses add a fashionable edge to any outfit. They’re great for those feeling a little under the weather or those who maybe rushed out of the house with little to no makeup and they really take your look to the next level. I feel fabulous with my sunglasses!

Brilliant Bracelets

Bracelets are another must have accessory. A little ice on your wrist can really bring your outfit and fashion from blah to bling! I really love to stack my bracelets and wear several at the same time – they come in so many different varieties and colour and styles. When stacking, pick some that go well with your outfit as well as those that accent it well. The contrast can really make a statement. As someone who loves more of an edgy look, I find that I tend to get that edge in the accents more often than in my pieces of clothing, and bracelets are my accent jewelry of choice! You can even buy bracelets online! So get shopping on the couch.

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Beautiful Bags

I have a problem when it comes to bags: I buy too many. Okay, who am I kidding. That’s not a problem. I just LOVE bags. They’re definitely my favourite accessory. Whether your working, shopping, running errands, visiting friends, they’re a necessity! You don’t need high end bags to make a statement, you just need a core variety of bags. A bag for day-to-day activities like errands and shopping, a clutch or small bag for those fancier evening times, and a good professional bag for the workday. Aside from being very practical, they also tie together every outfit! Bags are the number one item to catch my eye when a woman passes me.

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Stunning Scarfs

We all know my love of scarves. And it’s only right that I include a fashionable autumn accessory in the mix here. A scarf is a fantastic item to tie any autumn accessory together, like a big chunky necklace. I guess they’re pretty practical for keeping you warm as well. You can find amazing scarves online and in store this time of year. Especially Zara, Forever 21, and H&M. My favourite scarf has brought in many more compliments than any other accessory I own.

And there you have it, a short list of four fashion accessories every woman must have. What are your favourite must have fashion accessories?

Summer Style Inspiration

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It’s time for some wardrobe inspiration. I often get myself in a re-wear and over-wear rut, but standing in the centre of Yonge and Dundas on a daily basis has given me the swift kick in the bum I need to bring my daily wardrobe to par. I’ve picked up a few great pieces in the last week or so, especially from H&M, but it’s time to delve into the online world to inspire the remainder of my summer look – The great thing is that my casual daily fashion is great for my workplace too, no need for two completely separate wardrobes.

Here are a few things I’ve found that I’d like to use as inspiration for the upcoming summer months:

1. Topshop Fringe Tunic

2. Topshop KARMA Metal Buckle Loafers $99.05

3. ALDO Kiawiel $80.00

4. H&M Harem Pants $19.95

5. H&M Maxi Dress $29.99

6. ASOS Selected Romana Wrap Front Dress $126.94

7. ALDO Kaoven Wedged Sandals $70.00

8. ASOS Maxi Kimono with Side Split $76.17

9. Topshop Cord and Metal Bar Multi-Row Necklace $26.67

10. ASOS Weekday Clean Edge High Neck Sleeveless Top $57.12

Hopefully after a few weeks of saving those dolla dolla bills I can venture forth and splurge on the summer wardrobe! For now I’ve got a great foundation and am so so so happy that I get to be creative and experiment with fashion everyday! No more uniform for me (hopefully forever!!)

What fashion trends are you loving this season?


Zara Mini-Messanger Bag


I’ve been looking for a bright coloured mini-sized bag for awhile now. Something simple, and cross-body. Yet for some unknown reason, as popular as they might be this spring, I had the hardest time locating one that I truly loved. Yet stumbling into Zara on a whim with Sandra recently I discovered this little beauty and fell in love right away.

For a simple $34, this wonderful little bag is the perfect size for a few credit cards, one lipstick, and my phone. Perfect for going out and such a great colour for this time of year. These bright colours are certainly making a splash lately. From what I saw in the store the bag also came in black, which was very sleek and classy and could possibly be a further addition to my collection. Online the bag (called the ‘Zara Mini-Messanger with Metallic Fastening’) also comes in white.

Don’t you just love Zara bags?