How to Pack for a Spontaneous Vacation


Spontaneous vacation? I applaud you. Whether spontaneous or not, vacations seem to be hard to come by lately but are definitely something that I highly encourage and I believe need to happen more often. But either way, people tend to stress about the packing process. What to bring? What if you change your plans? Will you have the right outfit to wear? I’ve got a few tips for you to prevent overpacking and stress!

In this whirlwind life that I seem to lead, today is the last day of one career and tomorrow starts another. Yet the exciting, last minute part is that tomorrow’s career starts with a trip to Orlando for a conference. Well la di da, I know….but since I leave 12 hours after I finish my last day of work I need quick packing. So grab your suitcase and get started.

I’ll be gone for 12 days with laundry access so I’ll be packing for about 7 days. The important thing is to think about what your going to be doing. I’ll be relaxing by a pool, going to some business meetings, and also walking around Disney World. A great contrast. To start I pick out my top summer outfits; those things I wore on days when I thought I looked great and put together, maybe the days I got compliments. Doesn’t have to be many outfits, the important part is to mix and match and pick items that are easily turned from day to night. Grab a jean/leather jacket, the proper accessories, and a dress that can be dressed up or down. This way you can pack minimal items for maximum gain.


When it comes to your makeup, choose the things that go well for a day in as well as a night out. A good coverage foundation like the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation is great for a busy day and can be brought to a perfect night time face quickly with a little added The Balm Mary-LouManizer and some colour and contour with the NARS Orgasm/Laguna palette. Be sure to bring some eyeshadow primer for those long days and pack a good selection of eyeshadow such as the Sleek I-Divine Palette and an extra colour like the H&M Dusty Rose for lots of options. A liquid eyeliner and a pencil, a good brow filler, and your favourite mascara, your favourite red, plum and nude lipstick and you should be good to go!!

The long and the short of it is just to make sure you bring your favourites, and bring options. Plan based on outfits that you put together ahead of time rather than random pieces that you hope to create an outfit out of once you get there. It really should only take a half hour to pack well! Good luck my friends

How to Plan a Stress-Free Holiday


Going on vacation is an important part of modern day life. Everyone loves the chance to explore the world and forget the complexities of work and home. I’ve never felt more at peace with myself and my life than when I get the chance to immerse myself in a new culture. Arguably the most important feature, though, is that it’s a chance to unwind and recharge the batteries. Follow these tips, and you should enjoy a stress-free vacation. Let’s face it, this will make the whole holiday brighter.

Prepare Last minute booking and taking off may sound like a great opportunity for spontaneity. But truthfully, this method of holiday planning usually only winds up causing more stress. If you want to enjoy a trip to it’s full potential, it’s important that you plan ahead.

There are a number of factors to consider when preparing for your holiday. Taking these precautions now are well worth it, though. After all, the last thing you want is to find out you’ve forgotten something important upon arrival.

And make sure you’ve packed your bag with all the essentials. Nothing worse than forgetting your toothbrush.

Book A Package Nowadays, the internet allows us to book a holiday in a matter of minutes. Researching the best destinations is easy and we can organise travel, accommodation, and all other aspects by ourselves. But watch out! Arranging these bits separately can backfire!

What happens if the flight is delayed, will that ruin your onward journey? What about the excursions? Most travel destinations have specific websites you can use to book packages so that you don’t have to worry about this. For example, traveling to Italy? Check out Tuscany travel packages. If any mishaps do occur, it’s the responsibility of the agent to find a solution.

Having your itinerary pre-booked will certainly ease the stress and make the relaxation that much more attainable. After all, there’s a lot to see and do on Italian soil. A professionally organised trip is the best way to cover it all.

Travel With The Right People It might sound a little obvious, but it’s your travel companions that will make or break your holiday. They have the ability to brighten up the worst times, but can also bring the vacation down.

Vacations are a common cause of friendships breaking up, so be honest with yourself. If you don’t think you can handle a week in proximity with a certain person, then don’t travel with them. You won’t enjoy the trip and could lose a friend in the process.

Don’t Forget To Sleep The day of arrival is arguably the most exciting of the whole holiday. You’ll naturally want to dip your toes in the water of what the place has to offer. But don’t burn yourself out before the fun has even begun.

Sleep is a crucial part of the day, and a good night’s rest will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed. It’s especially important on the first night as you battle against the change of time zones.

Follow these few tips and you can hopefully have the lovely, stress free, relaxing vacation you deserve. Happy travelling.

What’s in My Beach Bag – Mexico Edition

IMG_2495-1 Hola from the sunny beaches of Cancun! In my memory I cannot remember a winter that has been as cold as the last two in Toronto. So cold that just a trip to the end of the driveway to grab the newspaper is enough to make your face hurt and require a good half hour thaw time. So my mom, sister and I decided it was time to ignore Canada for a week and mentally and physically thaw out. 6 days on the beaches of Cancun! I haven’t been to an all inclusive resort since I was really young, so the constant alcohol consumption sure is a bonus on this “forget everything and relax” vacation. And I’m not really used to being on a beach often. So I’ve compiled a little beach bag that’s been helping me along the way. In my beach bag I have:

1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 60 – I’m pretty shiny white. I need all the help I can get. Too many bad burns in the past. This has helped for a nice tanned glow

2. Coppertone Oil Free Face Sunscreen Lotion – although my face isn’t too sensitive, I like the idea of using sunscreen formula specifically designed for your face. This one is SPF 60 as well.

3. Nivea Sun Lip Balm – SPF 35 have you ever burnt your lips? Holy moly does it hurt.

4. Kobo – I’ve been here three days and already on my second book. Finished the Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion and started the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffery Archer.

5. Beach Cover-Up – I’ve mentioned the bad burns in the past right? Always need something to cover yourself up with. I picked up a new PINK bathing suit and cover up just for this trip!

And that’s about it. Don’t lug around too much all day. With just a little Smashbox BB Cream with SPF 35 in the morning I’m good to go! Just sit on the beach and drink copious amounts of Mojitos and Mimosas! What do you guys like to pack in a beach bag?