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The Perfect Valentine


I’ve always thought that people stress a little bit too much about Valentine’s Day. Just like every other “Hallmark” Holiday, I see Valentine’s Day just like any other day. Sure it’s nice to do something special to celebrate your love (or lack thereof) but my hope is that your life is romantic enough that Valentine’s Day is not spectacularly different from the norm. Alas, that’s not always the case….so I digress.

What is your perfect Valentine’s Day date? Is it staying in? Going out? Corey and I now have a Valentine’s Day routine; the exact same thing for 5 years in a row. I know, I know, you’re going to say “Well how is that romantic”? But it’s absolutely perfect to me.

We start by cracking open a good bottle of wine and making dinner together. This in and of itself is something special to me since usually it’s just one or the other cooking. I love doing it together. We make the same meal each year as well – Pesto Chicken Pasta. Pretty much the best meal I can think of on this planet. But we change it up every year. One year we made our own pasta (disastrous when you don’t have a pasta maker or a rolling pin) and we love to make our own pesto too! Hmmm!!

We have a specific Valentine’s Day candle that gets lit as we tuck in to our homemade meal. Corey really surprised me with our first Valentine’s Day and it’s the same candle that we light once a year every Valentine’s Day – that’s romantic, right?! The smell is divine and sultry, kinda like a sweet pomegranate.

Then we snuggle in for a movie, my choice! So it’s usually something along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette, Atonement, or some other chicky kinda movie that is usually shot down any other day of the year! To me, that’s a perfect day.

See, it doesn’t have to be so different than any other day. Maybe just a day to set aside any other plans and spend it giving your full attention to your special someone. Put away your phones and technology and just BE together. There’s nothing more special than that.

What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?

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Single or Steady, Here’s How to Deal With V-Day!


Two short days from now there will be a frenzy of panicked loved ones and sad single individuals, all of whom have fallen victim to the consumerist, hallmark holiday that is Valentines Day. But don’t worry folks, I’m here to help. I’ve found myself in both states over the years of Valentines Days; both completely smitten and deeply in love, as well as crying on the couch with my roommate, eating entire boxes of KD and watching Disney movies. You’re not alone out there. Either way, I find that there is a lot of stress and anxiety over this holiday. Truthfully I think people put a little too much into one day….shouldn’t we be showing our love every day? May sound cheesy and a ploy to avoid buying more cards and gifts….but it’s true. So whether you’re single or steady, I’ve got some suggestions on how to spend February 14th.

Single: Sorry ladies and gents, but I’m going to be brutally honest. I’ve been in your position before and the one thing I’d go back and tell myself is SMARTEN UP SILLY!! It’s one day. Who cares that other people are celebrating their love. You won’t be single forever…It’s just one day. Just like any other day. The only benefit is there is more chocolate in stores today. If you’re really struggling then take the time to hang out with friends and just have a great Saturday night. I guarantee there will be a bar full of other singles down the street….eh?! Catch my drift?

Steady: I had some great suggestions in last years post (if I do say so myself) and a lot of these suggestions are still applicable today. There are a few different approaches you can take:

1. Subtle: Once you’ve done it a few times together, it gets a little old. The time to spoil and love each other doesn’t come only one day a year, although some flowers are still nice. This is the situation I’m in this year, and I’m quite happy there are no expectations from either of us. Corey and I have been together 4 Valentines Days now and although we still like to do excited and unexpected things now and then  Saturday will be a simple, yet lovely day. We’ll make our favourite meal together, get each other a card, and spend the night together doing the same thing we always do. Maybe I’ll get to pick the movie for once.

2. Sexy: This is for those couples who need a bit of excitement and spice in their life. And that doesn’t mean they’re still a new couple. I hope 30 years down the road Corey and I still have exciting Valentines Days once in a while. Splurge. Go all out! That fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. That chilled champagne you’ve been saving for a special occasion. That little Victoria’s Secret number you’ve had your eye on. wink wink nudge nudge

3. Spendy: Not sure how to be subtle without seeming like you planned nothing? Not quite ready, or in the mood, for sexy? (….) Take the spendy route. Similar to my suggestions last year, I truly believe that Chapters/Indigo has some of the best Valentines Day themed gifts out there. Pretty pink books of love poems, pink accessories and stationary and any other love themed items you’d want. When in doubt buy the expensive roses, and a big stuffed animal. A little sparkly necklace wouldn’t be poo-pooed I’m sure.

So there you have it my friends. Whether you’re single or steady on this Valentines Day, the day should not be the cause of stress, anxiety, and possible fights. It should be a day to relax with your loved ones, or appreciate your independence.

Is my advice helpful? I hope you all have the most wonderful Valentines Day, or the best Saturday possible. Keep it sexy my friends.


The Last Minute Gift Ideas – Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. The scary, red white and pink, expensive, consumerist holiday (another one that was probably invented by Hallmark). Yet as much as boys and single girls complain…to others it’s considered an important day with high expectations. So what to do?! With only around 12 hours left to pick up a gift how do you make the day perfect when you haven’t done anything yet? Take a deep breath slackers, I can help. Don’t stress – simple is romantic too.

So where can you go that is easily accessible? Or what can you do that is non-material and won’t break the bank (although it should be assumed that each gift should be accompanied by flowers…pricey sometimes) Here are some ideas.

1. The Thoughtful One: What’s her favourite food? Her favourite movie? Have you seen it together yet? Seriously girls expectations aren’t that unrealistic (for the most part). Gifts don’t have to be material. Some thoughtful planning is just as meaningful and romantic. So become the chef for the night. Pour her a glass of wine and tell her to put her feet up – do it all. Cook the meal, clean up after, watch her favourite movie and just have a romantic night, the two of you.

2. Still Too Early? Only been dating for a few weeks? A few days? Yes a gift or at least some thought on Valentines Day is still expected. Chapters/Indigo is the best place to go for easy-peasy Valentines Day shopping (actually they’re great for all holidays). If you haven’t stepped foot in a bookstore for quite some time, you’ll be shocked to know that they don’t only sell books. Chapters has been great lately in creating holiday specific sections that are perfect place for gifts. Pink books of love poems by Pablo Neruda, pink home decor, pink scarves, pink everything. Simple, reasonable price, and just the right amount of romance without too much commitment. Perfect!!

3. Been there done that: Been together for quite a few Valentines Days? Spent a few nights googling “what to get for valentines day”? Those are horribly  cheesy suggestions (photo albums, engraved bracelets, etc). But what do you do if you’ve already done all the other great ideas? Truthfully at this point you probably need some romance – go all out. Do something you’ve never done before as a couple. Even if it is something a little cheesy like a night of mini putting etc. You need to break your routine, plan the unexpected. Do something that she’s gonna talk about the next day at work.

As upset as I get about sexist stereotypes, Valentines Day is the one that I can’t shake. I still believe that it is a girls holiday, so boys this one’s all on you. Do you have any plans?

What are you getting your girl for Valentines Day? What, as a lady, are you hoping to get for Valentines Day? Have my suggestions helped? Talk to me via Twitter

Keep it sexy my friends