Blogmas Day 7: Natural Holiday Headache Remedy with Saje


Holiday’s are known to bring headaches. Not only can they come from the stress of holiday shopping, party planning, and finding a parking spot at the mall, but also from the changing weather and the cold, dry air.

I suffer from headaches quite often. Anything can set me off and once the headache is there I’m pretty much out for the count. I used to carry Tylenol with me everywhere I went but in the last six months I’ve developed an allergy to Tylenol and anything else that is used for simple aches, pains, and headaches. Pretty inconvenient if you ask me. So I went on the search for natural headache remedies…..and ones that actually work.

iuhjuI had friends suggesting things such as Tumeric Powder and other natural supplements for headaches, but I really didn’t believe in them (not to say that they don’t work – I never actually tried). But on a break from work recently, when I was still working downtown, I wandered over to the Eaton Centre and my nose drew me to Saje, a newly opened natural wellness store that is all the craze and is popping up all over Canada.

Their products include a wide range of essential oils and natural wellness remedies for any kind of health concern. Their line of pain relief is extremely popular and was perfect for my needs! So for $36 I picked up the Headache Relief Kit. The kit contains everything that you need in the event of a headache. It includes the best selling Peppermint Halo both in roll-on and want application. It’s best to apply to roll-on around the hairline and the wand around the scalp to quickly get rid of that headache. I like to use the roll-on on the base of my neck and the wand around my temples too. The kit also includes a Calming Stress Release Mist, which helps alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety and promotes relaxation. Amazing for this time of year!

So if you’re looking for some great stress and headache relievers this holiday season then go natural! Check out Saje for all of your health and wellness needs, or even just to sigh a deep breath of relief as you walk into their heavenly smelling stores! Great for gifting this year!



8 Beauty Treatments Everyone is Talking About!


It seems like every second day I’m reading about new beauty treatments that are said to make you look younger and feel fantastic. Here are eight of my favourites which everyone has been talking about.

Wellness Therapies

Wellness is the word on everyone’s lips these days. Everyone’s looking for ways to keep their body and mind healthy, and who can blame them. Things like meditation, yoga and Ayurveda are becoming more popular as a way of relaxing. There are even dedicated well-being holidays for people who want to escape the stresses of everyday living!


This one’s definitely for me! Most wine lovers will love telling their friends how red wine is supposed to be good for their health (in moderation!). But even though I’ll always agree that drinking it is my favourite wine activity, Vinotherapy is not actually liquid consumption. Vinotherapy makes use of grape skins and seeds to create beauty products and therapies. These products and therapies are said to keep skin looking younger for longer! And…..grab a glass while you’re at it.

Body Contouring

I’m not really the biggest fan of body manipulations or changes in any way. I’m a huge advocate for learning to love the body you’re in. But Body Contouring is a pretty popular way to remove excess skin and fat from those trouble spots around your body. Many procedures are non-invasive leaving no surgical scars. This makes it an ideal way to get fantastic results quickly.


Threading is an Eastern technique that has become increasingly popular in the Western world. Using a doubled-up thread of cotton the beautician will pull your hairs out from the root. It’s particularly effective on eyebrows as you can achieve a perfectly arched brow quickly and easily. It’s better for you than waxing as it doesn’t pull at your skin in the same way. Just prepare yourself for a bit of pain (no more than you would feel with tweezing).

Candle Cutting

Split ends are the worst enemy of most women. It seems like the only way to get rid of them is to cut off some of the length. Not ideal when you’re trying to grow it! A new Brazilian technique promises to rid you of those pesky split ends once and for all. The treatment involves twisting a section of your hair and then running a candle along it to burn off the dead ends!

Mud Baths

If you’re looking for softer and more youthful-looking skin, mud baths are the way forward. I just talked about Mud on Tuesday! For thousands of years, people have believed that mud offers many healing properties. Today mud therapy is being used in spas all over the world as well as in naturally-occurring mud baths. Immerse yourself into the brown goop and reemerge a totally new and refreshed person.


If bad skin gets you down, microdermabrasion can help you. It works by spraying tiny crystal onto your skin to remove the top layer. This can be used to help people suffering from acne scarring and sun damage. Think of it as a powerful exfoliator.

Men’s Treatments

Lastly, it used to be that all men had to do was make sure that they were clean-shaven. Not anymore. It’s becoming less and less unusual to go to a beauty salon and see men waiting in line to get pampered. And rightly so – it’s not just the girls who deserve to be treated.